We Dig Tewksbury!

Autumn is Here!

When can you prune?

      • Don't prune anything that has already set buds such as azaleas and rhododendrons; plan to prune these plants right after they flower
      • DO prune other shrubs now.

What can you plant?

      • Get time for trees, shrubs, and perennials to give your garden a fresh look - nurseries are offering plants for sale
      • This is the time of year to think about planting bulbs

Learn about going native!

      • Read on line about the benefits of native plants for the birds, insects and other creatures that make up a healthy native environment
      • Take a class to learn more about creating a native landscape in your own back yard
      • Plan changes to your garden to incorporate native plantings
Don't forget! Massachusetts is experiencing severe to extreme drought conditions. Please remember that new plantings need water to become established. Your town might have watering restrictions. Plan judiciously.